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Resiliency model


Sensory evaluation of skin resiliency
Skin resiliency scale
Hardness examples
①Soft : Hardness table of BIOSKIN Hybrid gel(11X gel)0.19S
②Normal: Hardness table of BIOSKIN Hybrid gel(11X gel)0.20S
③Hard: Hardness table of BIOSKIN Hybrid(11X gel)0.21S
Other than models on the above, it is possible to make models with arbitrary hardness. It is also possible to combine resiliency and film texture.

Product details
Product name
Resiliency model
Product number
Domed diameter × The height of the domed(㎜)
If there is no designation of color it will be delivered with #BSC.
Recommended uses
  • Color development of make-up cosmetics
  • Long lasting quality and color dullness of cosmetics
  • Soft-focus effect of composite powders
  • Facial cleansing effect

  • Sensory evaluation of skin resiliency
  • Wrinkle chart

  • Demonstration & counseling
  • Make-up training

  • Head spa training

  • Facial & decollete techniques
  • Peeling adhesives

  • Friction measurement

Product introduction video
Other product introduction
■Selection of raw materials

●For BIOSKIN, two kinds of raw materials are available. According to your use, it is possible to select either of them. Features of BIOSKIN material
It is a thermoplastic urethane elastomer that we are using since the release. It has high processability and excellent coloring properties.
It is ideal for applications that require specialized coloring and maintenance of shape.
In addition, you can choose 8 levels of hardness for BIOSKIN material.
Please select the left frame LV from the following

●Features of hybrid ge(11X gel)material
It is a urethane gel material that can reproduce the resiliency of human skin in a real way.
Since the hybrid gel material is very soft and adhesive, it is possible to reproduce images of both baby skin and skin of elderly people.
In the hybrid gel materials, you can choose 9 levels of the hardness. Please choose one of the hardness(LV) in the hardness table below.

Hardness in the orange column is the standard hardness of a ready-made item.
If hardness is not specified, it becomes 2LV

■BIOSKIN Hybrid gel(11X gel)
An model can be manufactured with the hardness you choose using ready-made molds of BIOSKIN Hybrid gel.
The standard hardness is 0.21S

■Numerical values in the hardness table on website are approximate values or indication values.
Please note that actual hardness figures comply with the our product specification.