Company Profile

Company name
Beaulax Co.,Ltd
Head office
10-2,Takasago 3-chome, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama prefecture, Japan
October 11, 1978
38 million yen
ChairpersonYoshiaki Itabashi
PresidentMika Kuroda
Business description
Manufacture and sale of goods for hairdressing beauty school.
Manufacture and sale of hairdressing beauty school teaching materials
Manufacture and sale of teaching materials for makeup and facial training
Manufacture and sale of wigs of western style and Japanese style
Manufacture and sale of artificial skin(BIODY) and hairs for developing cosmetics.
MUFG Bank, Ltd. Urawa branch
Saitama Resona Bank,Limited Urawachuo branch
Major customers
Japan L’Oreal Co., Ltd
Kose inc.
Shiseido Co., Ltd
Kao Corporation
Japan Menard Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
90 nationwide beauty schools

Company history

In October, Japan B&B Co., Ltd was established for the purpose of manufacture and sale of hairdressing beauty related products.
In parallel with its establishment, we developed model wig for winding training by technical cooperation with Kose L’Oreal division and started sales targeting 110 Kose L’Oreal dealers
We introduced model wig production facility into hair product factory in Qingdao, Shandon Privince, China for more value added products, starting consignment manufacturing trade with China Shandong crafts advancement entity Co., Ltd. for cost reduction along with import and export of products related to beauty industry.
T.Q.C(Total Quality Control) was introduced for the goal of production and management of high quality products. Promoting improvements rationalization in all divisions, all employees worked together to create product and service to meet customer needs.
We developed high quality fashion wig as hair related products under technical tie-up with Daiwa Trading Company in Korea and started both direct sale and consignment sale of fashion wigs to 150 KOSE L’OREAL excellent affiliated salons.
We started collaborative research and development of BIOSKIN DOLL for makeup practice material with Regina Co., Ltd.
Capital was increased to 28 million yen in March.
We started sale of BIOSKIN DOLL to cosmetics industry and national beauty schools. In addition, we developed related products making use of BIOSKIN DOLL material and pioneered sales channel with various teaching materials requested by major cosmetic makers based on the BIOSKIN material.
Company name was changed from Japan B&B Company to Beaulax Co., Ltd. on February 1, aiming internationalization under new corporate strategy for the 21st century.
We started to sell hair strands for hair dye makers.
Capital was increased to 38 million yen in March.
We started to sell men’s model wigs mainly for barber research organization.
A Saitama branch was opened in front of Saitama prefectural government office.
Head office was moved to Urawa-ku, Saitama prefecture.

The product name “BIOSKIN” has been changed to “BIODY” from now on.


Head office10-2,Takasago 3-chome, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama prefecture, Japan