Q1:Can I use it repeatedly?

You can use it repeatedly. After applying cosmetics, please remove them with cleansing agent as soon as possible.

Q2:How long is it durable?

It depends greatly on frequency of use and environment of use. When it is used for foundation evaluation in the normal environment, it would be about two years by almost everyday use. Some customers have used it for three to five years.

Q3:Are there any cautions when using it?

Avoid using it over 60 degrees C. also a fear of pigmentation with some organic pigments.
It will destroy the surface film to use solvents such as thinner and benzine.
There is also a fear of pigmentation with organic pigments.

Q4:Can you prepare a model for custom made item?

Basically, we ask customers to prepare models or masters.
If you do not have a master model, please consult our staff.

Beaulax Hair Strand Q&A

Q1:Is there anything to keep in mind about how to
     store hair strand products?

Avoid storing in direct sunlight or high humidity place.
Please keep it in a dark and dry place.

Q2:Is it possible to maintain the quality of hair strand
      products at the same condition?

We are doing the maximum management concerning the quality of hair, but it is difficult to provide in the same quality from individual differences of each provider.
However, with regard to lots that arrive at the same time, there is a tendency that difference is smaller compared to lots entering other periods.

Q3:Is it possible to process orders by other than
     ready-made specifications

At our company we are accepting secondary processing such as hair sheet and hair bundle with a plate. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales representative.

Q4:Can you get hair strand of Japanese and

Unfortunately, our company does not handle the Japanese hair.
However, regarding Westerners' hair, there are times when it can be obtained. If you wish, please contact our sales representative.