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Arm model


Evaluation for peeling adhesives

BIODY can be effectively used as a model of a part of human body besides evaluation of cosmetics. Skin replica can reproduce fine irregularities of the epidermis, so it can be used as a tool to evaluate peeling effect of cataplasm.

Product details
Product name
Arm model
Product number
If there is no designation of color it will be delivered with #BSC.
Please understand that there are two small scratches on this arm model because impressions were taken from a person who has scratches on her arm.
Recommended uses
  • Color development of make-up cosmetics
  • Long lasting quality and color dullness of cosmetics
  • Soft-focus effect of composite powders
  • Facial cleansing effect

  • Sensory evaluation of skin resiliency
  • Wrinkle chart

  • Demonstration & counseling
  • Make-up training

  • Head spa training

  • Facial & decollete techniques
  • Peeling adhesives

  • Friction measurement