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Aesthetic doll


For training of facial & decollete techniques.
Aesthetic doll is a model equipped with head, chest and upper arms for aesthetic technique education. It can be used for a wide range of exercise for aesthetic.
Especially for beauty schools and estheticians training schools, it can be used widely for mastering basic skills such as facials and decollete.

*This item is made of soft polyvinyl chloride. BIODY material is not used. Cosmetics such as scrubbing agent for facial and decollete technique can be used.

Product details
Product name
Aesthetic doll
Product number
Height 4400mm x Width 410mm
Weight 2.0kg with dedicated bag
With an exclusive bag
Recommended uses
  • Color development of make-up cosmetics
  • Long lasting quality and color dullness of cosmetics
  • Soft-focus effect of composite powders
  • Facial cleansing effect

  • Sensory evaluation of skin resiliency
  • Wrinkle chart

  • Demonstration & counseling
  • Make-up training

  • Head spa training

  • Facial & decollete techniques
  • Peeling adhesives

  • Friction measurement

Request Order
  • Selection of raw material

  • Selection of basic 9 colors

  • Selection of resiliency

  • Selection of Surface modification
  • Selection of UV responding chemical