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Eye lash model


Evaluation of mascara
Evaluation of mascara cleansing

*Please see the product introduction below.

Product details
Product name
Eye lash model
Product number
Length x Width x Thickness (mm)
Eye lash length about 8mm
The base part is # BSC.
If you would like to change color,
please contact our sales representative.
Recommended uses
  • Color development of make-up cosmetics
  • Long lasting quality and color dullness of cosmetics
  • Soft-focus effect of composite powders
  • Facial cleansing effect

  • Sensory evaluation of skin resiliency
  • Wrinkle chart

  • Demonstration & counseling
  • Make-up training

  • Head spa training

  • Facial & decollete techniques
  • Peeling adhesives

  • Friction measurement

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