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BIOSKIN Plate size A4


It is a BIOSKIN Plate which size is close to A4 size.
Smooth surface has smoother surface than the normal BIOSKIN Plate (P001-001), and Rough surface has rougher surface than the normal one.
Is is suitable for evaluation of friction etc., since it is bigger than the normal one.

Product details
Product name
BIOSKIN Plate size A4
Product number
(Rough surface)
(Smooth surface)
Length ×Width ×Thickness (mm)
296mm x 213mm x 5Tmm
 (Rough surface)
296mm x 198mm x 5Tmm
 (Smooth surface)
If there is no designation of color it will be delivered with #BSC.
Recommended uses
  • Color development of make-up cosmetics
  • Long lasting quality and color dullness of cosmetics
  • Soft-focus effect of composite powders
  • Facial cleansing effect

  • Sensory evaluation of skin resiliency
  • Wrinkle chart

  • Demonstration & counseling
  • Make-up training

  • Head spa training

  • Facial & decollete techniques
  • Peeling adhesives

  • Friction measurement